Health & Wellness
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Medical Care

At Rydal Park, we are committed to helping our residents maintain health in mind, body and spirit. Our comprehensive list of medical services assures quality care that brings peace of mind.

Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, and Licensed Nurses are the foundation of quality medical care and are available for scheduled office appointments for acute visits or routine follow-ups. Those residents who have physicians here at Rydal Park also receive thorough annual physical examinations by one of our Nurse Practitioners, including the ordering of appropriate screening tests and studies.

For those residents who choose to follow up with an outside physician, our nursing staff is available to assist with assessing any acute concerns and may contact your primary care physician if needed. Nursing skills that can be provided in the Wellness Center include vital signs, first aid, wound care, etc.

Medical Care Services

Joseph C. Scott Medical Center

The construction and opening of the Joseph C. Scott Medical Center at Rydal Park in 2011 has established a new standard of excellence in short-term rehabilitative care. Our state-of-the-art 94,000 square foot facility allows us to provide the finest in medical, nursing and rehabilitative services to our residents.

Personal Care

Life Care means that should the need for Personal Care, Memory Support, or Skilled Nursing Care arise, a resident who is approved for Life Care can move to the community’s on-site care centers and continue to pay the same monthly fee charged for his or her independent living home, plus ancillary items (medical supplies, medications, etc.). Care at these rates is available for an unlimited period for those who have entered into a Life Care Agreement.

If one member of a couple requires care and moves to a care center, the other member may remain in the independent living home. The couple continues to pay only the monthly fee for the independent living home, plus ancillary items at the care center.

Nursing Care and Rehabilitation

Nursing care offers furnished accommodations for individuals who require substantial medical supervision with physical oversight, but not hospitalization. Both long-term custodial care as well as short-term rehabilitation services such as physical, occupational and speech therapy are often provided in a skilled nursing environment. Our nursing care programs are licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Health and are certified by both Medicare and Medicaid. 

The medical center features all-private rooms with private baths in which residents can rehabilitate in an environment where the staff is dedicated to meeting their needs efficiently and effectively. Our goal is to help residents return to being as active and independent as possible…and as quickly as possible. 

Memory Support

To date there are 50-60 chronic conditions known to cause memory loss. Whether one has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or another type of memory-affecting disorder, the symptoms are frequently similar. It has been our experience that each person’s onset, progression, manifestation and prognosis vary widely. For that reason we created Inspired Journeys, our memory support program. Together with their loved ones, each person will live their own journey, a different path than any other. We offer the innovations and inspirations along the way.