Health & Wellness
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The key to maintaining the mind, body and spirit is to engage in exercise on a regular basis.

At Rydal Park, we understand the importance of keeping the mind, body and spirit in the best possible shape and that’s why we provide our residents an assortment of tools designed for that purpose. From exercising your body in our fitness center to challenging your mind through educational courses to flexing your spirit through engaging programs and classes, you will discover that Rydal Park has the best health and wellness resources to keep you in tip-top shape.

Residents also have direct access to our on-campus Wellness Center staffed with a Director of Resident Services, Nurse Practitioners, a Licensed Practical Nurse, a Medical Technician, a Resident Assistant, and an Administrative Assistant. Additionally, physicians are available for scheduled appointments for those residents who have chosen to
switch their Primary Care to our doctors.

Active Lifestyle

Maintaining your active lifestyle is easy to do at Rydal Park. And, it’s encouraged. With a wide variety of ways to stay fit both on and off campus.

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Medical Care

Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, and Licensed Nurses are the foundation of quality medical care and are available for scheduled office appointments for acute visits or routine follow-ups. Those residents who have physicians here at Rydal Park also receive thorough annual physical examinations by one of our Nurse Practitioners, including the ordering of appropriate screening tests and studies.

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