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How can I schedule a visit?

The best way to understand life at Rydal Park is to come see it for yourself. Schedule your visit today by calling 1-877-933-6699, emailing us at info@RydalPark.org, or visiting our Contact Page.

What if I have long-term care insurance, how does that work?

Those who have long-term care insurance sometimes find the Fee-For-Service contract anattractive option. Rydal Park works to help you benefit from your long-term care insurance, but policies vary from person to person. If you have questions specific to your situation, please call us at 1-877-933-6699 and we’ll be happy to address them.

What types of contracts does Rydal Park offer?

Rydal Park offers two basic types of contracts: Life Care and Fee-For-Service.

  • Life Care means that, should the need for Personal Care, Memory Support, or Skilled Nursing Care ever arise, you’re able to move to the community’s onsite care center without experiencing an increase in your monthly fee. For those who have entered into a Life Care Agreement, care at these rates is available for an unlimited period of time.
  • Fee-For-Service means that you have access to all the same healthcare services as those who have entered into a Life Care Agreement. Should you require additional care, you will pay the current rate for the services you use.

Can I have a pet at Rydal Park?

Yes! Your pet is welcome at Rydal Park.  Ask about our friendly policy..

Call 1-877-933-6699 for more information.

What if my spouse and I have different healthcare needs?

In the event of a change in health for you or your spouse, the last thing you need is the stress of added financial burden. If one member of a couple requires care and moves to the care center, the other member may remain in the independent living home.

If you’ve entered into a Life Care Agreement, you’ll continue to pay only the regular monthly fee for the independent living home, plus ancillary items at the Care Center (medical supplies, medications, etc.).

If you’ve entred into a Fee-For-Service Agreement, you will continue to pay the regular monthly fee for your independent living home. Additionally, you’ll be responsible for the care services you use, as well as charges for ancillary items at the Care Center for the second person.

What happens if my healthcare needs change once I move in?

If you have entered into a Life Care Agreement, then your healthcare needs will be taken care of with no increase in monthly expenses. Whether this includes moving to the onsite care center, Personal Care, Memory, Support, or Skilled Nursing, you can rest assured that you’ll be cared for indefinitely at your regular monthly rate, plus ancillary items (medical supplies, medications, etc.).

If you opt to live at Rydal on a Fee for Service basis, you will still have access to all these services, but will pay the going rate for the services you use. 

What wellness and fitness programs are offered to residents?

You’ll find a wide variety of ways to stay fit at Rydal Park, both on- an off-campus. They include:

  • Year-round heated indoor swimming pool
  • Hot tub spa
  • Fitness center with state-of-the-art equipment
  • Personal trainer
  • Health and fitness classes, including water walking, aqua aerobics, tai chi, stretch and tone aerobics and more
  • Walking clubs, biking clubs even pet walking groups

What are some of the services that Rydal Park offers?

When we say you’ll lead a maintenance-free lifestyle at Rydal Park, we mean it. Just by selecting your apartment home, you’re entitled to a vast list of services designed to make life easier, including:

  • Weekly housekeeping
  • Bed and bath linen service
  • Scheduled transportation to shopping
  • Personalized driving services
  • Apartment and grounds maintenance
  • 24-hour emergency and security services
  • Garage and assigned parking

Learn more about our Services.

What various dining options are available at Rydal Park?

Dining is more than feeding the body; it’s sustenance for the spirit. That’s why you’ll find four distinctive, yet flexible dining options at Rydal Park.

  • Rydal and Abington Dining Rooms – full service settings offering a wide range of culinary delights prepared by Iron Chef winner, David Stotzfus
  • Casual Café – Fun and casual breakfast, lunch and dinner offerings
  • The Club Room – Perfect for relaxing with a friend over drinks and lighter fare

What choices do I have for the type of residence and floor plans?

Rydal Park currently offers four residential buildings – Hillside, Brookside, Woodside, and Parkside, each with its own special attributes and floor plans. In them you’ll find a selection of apartment homes ranging from a studio apartment to a two bedroom, two bathroom apartment home featuring 1500 sun-drenched square feet of luxury living.

See all floor plans.

What lifestyle amenities does Rydal Park offer residents?

Rydal Park offers all the lifestyle amenities you’d expect from a world-class CCRC, each designed to inspire and facilitate a well-rounded lifestyle of wellness. Here is a small sample:

  • Physical Wellness – headed indoor swimming pool, hot tub spa, state-of-the-art fitness center, personal trainer, aqua aerobics, tai chi, stretch and tone classes
  • Cultural Enrichment – Onsite education courses with area university partners, lecture series, speaker presentations, library, technology center, computer training, greenhouse and individual garden areas, woodworking, billiards, hobby and game rooms, volunteer opportunities
  • Entertainment – On-campus concerts featuring high profile performers, dancing, films, art shows, multi-purpose auditorium, off-site events and excursions
  • Convenience – Salon and barber shop, onsite banking and ATM machine, convenience market, pharmacy delivery, gift shop, subscription newspaper delivery and business services.

Learn more about our Lifestyle Amenities.

What does a CCRC with Life Care offer?

If a CCRC boasts a Life Care contract, residents have access to services like Personal Care, Memory Support, Short-Term Rehab or Skilled Nursing Care. Should the need for these services ever arise, residents who have entered into a Life Care Agreement can accessthe community’s onsite Care Centers while continuing to pay their regular monthly fee. Care at these rates is available indefinitely.

Learn more about Life Care.

How does a CCRC different from a rental community or 55+?

CCRCs and rental / 55+ communities all offer independent living options, active lifestyles and amenities. But what separates CCRCs is that they also offer a spectrum of healthcare services onsite, including long-term care, should they become necessary   In essence, there is no need to make a second move should a care need arise in the future.

Why move to a CCRC?

  • “Right-size” your lifestyle by eliminating the expense, effort, cost, and uncertainty of owning and maintaining a home.
  • Healthcare on demand as well as a substantial cost savings for most people, thanks to the cost efficiencies of a Life Care contract.
  • Proactive planning saves children or family members from having to make a need-based decision on your behalf at a time down the road.
  • Close community of peers, and the security of livingg within that community, regardless of changes in health circumstances
  • Studies consistently show that CCRC residents tend to live longer, more active lives.

What is a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC)?

CCRCs are self-contained residential communities that offer adults 62 and over a worry-free and maintenance-free living. Residents enjoy an active, independent lifestyle as well as access to a continuum of long term care services like Short-Term Rehab, Memory Support, Personal Care/Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing, should a need arise.